Tips on How to Stay in Touch During a Natural or Man-Made Disaster

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It may be hard to believe but it’s been six months since Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc along the U.S. eastern seaboard.  The hurricane was the costliest one in U.S. history with damages estimated at over $71 billion.  Approximately 285 individuals were killed in the Caribbean, U.S. and Canada from the storm’s ferocious impact.

Between the disaster of weather related tragedies like Sandy and the recent terror at the Boston Marathon, it is wise to consider ways to be able to get in touch with friends and family in emergency situations.  To that end, we recommend you heed the following directions recently written in Wired Magazine.  First, text rather than make telephone calls from your smartphone. It leaves lines open for first responders and texters are more likely to get their messages through as “smaller data packets can often sneak through while the larger voice files get stuck,” according to the Wired piece.

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