Skills That Will Come In Handy On Doomsday

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Storing supplies in preparation for doomsday is very important, but it is also important that you have the skills necessary for survival. You have to be able to use the supplies you have stored to your advantage to survive after doomsday. The ability to generate power is a very useful skill, as is the ability to hunt and gather food and the ability to purify water. The ability to create shelter is an extremely useful skill, as are any medical skills you have or can learn before doomsday.

The Ability to Generate Electricity

Humans depend on electricity for almost everything in our lives, including cooking, heating and communication. Some people have the ability to create their own power by harnessing energy from the wind, water or sun. We don’t know what resources will be available after doomsday, so it is a good idea to have several ways to generate electricity available to you. Being able to create your own electrical generator and repair the generators of others is a very useful skill that will likely be highly coveted after doomsday.

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