LA Fires: Getting Ready For Fire Season

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Crews fight the fast-moving brush fire in Riverside County.

Brush fires broke out in Los Angeles yesterday, and even though many places are still digging out from the latest snow, it’s a reminder that fire season is already upon us in some areas of the country. The lower than average snow pack in many places this winter means that the fire season is likely to be a long and intense one.

The key thing that you can and should do now is to prepare. It’s time to educate yourself and your family about fires and to plan an escape route from your home to safety, both by car and by foot. A great overall resource is the website

There are some important things that you can do that take more advance planning. You might want to think about working these into your planning and your budget. Use fire resistant or retardant materials in your roofing and external materials. It’s not too late if your house includes combustible materials. You can still treat them with fire retardant chemicals. The trees and shrubs planted around your home should be the more fire resistant hard wood variety. These are less flammable than pine, eucalyptus and fir trees.

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