Defensive Considerations for Survival

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Life in combat training

Safety Warning: Read up on your confined spaces safety prior to trying any of this. You can die so easily in confined spaces.

Let me just say first off… I am not an engineer… Civil or Combat. How you go about constructing a DFP (Defensive Fighting Position) is not going to be discussed. Cave ins are a huge risk. Mining is a very risky job. I would not recommend anyone undertake construction unless it is vital to your survival to do so.

Also I am not going to cover the DFP’s that are in the US Army Soldier’s Manual or Common Tasks. A simple Google search will tell you all that you need to know about that.

Now as preppers we have seen a lot of crap be done to build prepper fortresses both above and below ground. I would suggest that instead of looking to make your Bug Out Locations (BOL) look like Helms Deep that you should instead make it look more like the Hobbit Holes of the Shire.

Guess what… You need to consider that you exist on a planet where you don’t have to be the US Government to get Satellite imaging of a particular area… It is called Google Earth. So over head camouflage and deception is important (More info on camouflage can be found at The 15 Commandments of Tactical Camouflage). Not looking like a target is important. Be low key. Having a triple canopy forest will help. It is hard for our thermal and NVG’s to penetrate dense foliage. We are fortunate that all the people who hate America typically don’t have that to aid them. So perhaps we should look back to our last enemy who did…

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