Bushcraft Skills a Competent Woodsmen Should Know For Long-Term Wilderness Living

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How to make a fire in any weather (wind, snow, rain,) using modern firemaking devices Be proficient with a knife, ax, and saw

How to dress properly and understand the insulative values of different garments and footwear! How to handle common backcountry injuries and deal with trauma

How to construct natural and improvised survival shelters as well as hogans and cabins for long-term living ID, harvest, and know how to use a dozen of the common edible plants of their region

How to use medicinal plants for healing injuries and have made an herbal first-aid kit Able to cook delicious meals over the campfire using a variety of modern and primitive cooking methods

ID common animal tracks and follow the trail of a wounded animal

Skilled in hunting small game with a pistol and rifle

Able to make primitive deadfalls and snares and successfully procure wild game with them

How to skin, clean, and process wild game and fish

How to preserve meat and fish through smoking and air-drying into jerky

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