5 Disaster Preparation Tips

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The world is teetering on the brink of another ugly war in the Middle East. The economies are countries around the globe continue to stagnate or tumble. Closer to home, we’re in the onslaught of fires raging and destroying homes and land.

If you were in a recent disaster and found yourself unprepared, then you’re likely already taking steps to make sure you’re better prepared next time. It just might save your life.


At least one Arizona resident is preparing in the right way for any natural disaster that comes his way. Iraq War veteran Joel Johnson of Phoenix has prepared his home with what he says is ‘a plan for just about every situation.’ This includes three bugout bags, a generator tent ensconced in a small trailer and enough food-water supplies to survive for a few months. Johnson keeps most of these in an Uncle Bobs storage unit near where he lives.

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