How to make a fire in any weather (wind, snow, rain,) using modern firemaking devices Be proficient with a knife, ax, and saw

How to dress properly and understand the insulative values of different garments and footwear! How to handle common backcountry injuries and deal with trauma

How to construct natural and improvised survival shelters as well as hogans and cabins for long-term living ID, harvest, and know how to use a dozen of the common edible plants of their region

How to use medicinal plants for healing injuries and have made an herbal first-aid kit Able to cook delicious meals over the campfire using a variety of modern and primitive cooking methods

ID common animal tracks and follow the trail of a wounded animal

Skilled in hunting small game with a pistol and rifle

Able to make primitive deadfalls and snares and successfully procure wild game with them

How to skin, clean, and process wild game and fish

How to preserve meat and fish through smoking and air-drying into jerky

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Life in combat training

Safety Warning: Read up on your confined spaces safety prior to trying any of this. https://www.osha.gov/SLTC/confinedspaces/ You can die so easily in confined spaces.

Let me just say first off… I am not an engineer… Civil or Combat. How you go about constructing a DFP (Defensive Fighting Position) is not going to be discussed. Cave ins are a huge risk. Mining is a very risky job. I would not recommend anyone undertake construction unless it is vital to your survival to do so.

Also I am not going to cover the DFP’s that are in the US Army Soldier’s Manual or Common Tasks. A simple Google search will tell you all that you need to know about that.

Now as preppers we have seen a lot of crap be done to build prepper fortresses both above and below ground. I would suggest that instead of looking to make your Bug Out Locations (BOL) look like Helms Deep that you should instead make it look more like the Hobbit Holes of the Shire.

Guess what… You need to consider that you exist on a planet where you don’t have to be the US Government to get Satellite imaging of a particular area… It is called Google Earth. So over head camouflage and deception is important (More info on camouflage can be found at The 15 Commandments of Tactical Camouflage). Not looking like a target is important. Be low key. Having a triple canopy forest will help. It is hard for our thermal and NVG’s to penetrate dense foliage. We are fortunate that all the people who hate America typically don’t have that to aid them. So perhaps we should look back to our last enemy who did…

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LA Fires: Getting Ready For Fire Season

Brush fires broke out in Los Angeles yesterday, and even though many places are still digging out from the latest snow, it’s a reminder that fire season is already upon us in some areas of the country. The lower than average snow pack in many places this winter means that the fire season is likely […]

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Surviving in the Land of Little Water

The desert can be an unforgiving place for a stranded hiker. Here are a few tips to help beat the heat and handle an unexpected emergency in the wilds. This article originally appeared in Backpacker Magazine. Desert Garb – Tips for beating the heat Think like a cowboy here- ever seen one on horseback wearing a […]

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Safety in Crowded Places

The tragedy in Boston has reminded all of us that crowded places attract the attention of terrorists and other attackers. Crowded places present criminals with an ideal opportunity to disrupt the lives of literally thousands of people, most of whom are distracted by whatever is happening then and there. While we wouldn’t advocate that anyone […]

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More on Survival Hunting and Food Gathering

I spent most of the day last Saturday canoeing with my long-time camping and adventure-travel buddy, Ernest Herndon.  We went to a large national forest lake here in south Mississippi mainly just to get out on the water for a few hours, but also because I wanted to shoot some footage for a video I […]

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Prehistoric Trap Systems of Northern Arizona

The ability to procure food in a demanding landscape like the desert was possible for those who know where and how to look and have a wealth of hunting and trapping skills. I believe trapping played a significant role in the menu of hunter-gatherers in the desert though archeological site reports tend to focus on […]

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Thin Ice Rescue Includes 1-800-PREPARE

Three fisherman were rescued off of thin ice yesterday in Somers, New York. They proved once again that walking on thin ice is no joke. First responders on the scene included Paul Faust, one of the founders of 1800-PREPARE. It’s just one example of how it always pays to be prepared to deal with emergencies. […]

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The Answer To How Big Was That Taproot

Hey I got some photos from Armand so you can see the whole process.  If you didn’t know, we have a guessing game of trying to figure out how big the tap root was on this huge pecan tree being moved.  Read that article first, and then come back here to maximize your fun. Here […]

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Surviving an Unexpected Night in the Desert by Tony Nester, Survival Instructor

Each year, there are numerous stories about lost hikers or hunters in the desert who succumb to the elements. Many of these tragedies are preventable and involve a little preparation on the front end coupled with a dose of common sense while on the trail. During the past twenty years of teaching survival courses, I’ve […]

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